About Pocket Apps

24 years of providing London visitor information.


Founded in 1997 as Pocket London, we started producing personalised, printed information guides for London hotels and exhibitions and other businesses. 


We specialise in the next generation of mobile apps. 

With the demand for online content and responsive web applications, we specialise in providing exceptional solutions demanded by our customers. Whilst occasionally still producing the high quality printed personalised guides for Exhibitions and Hotels.


Our suite of shared apps enables our customers to use all social media channels to promote their businesses.

Company Ethos

Our Apps are Adaptive, Green and Accessible and always cost-effective.


Using our apps clients display their content and information in a simple and clear way, minimising their day to day workload in keeping their apps current and up-to-date. Our innovations create beautiful apps at affordable rates.


The amount of carbon savings a client can make from not printing brochures and sending them in the post, along with the reprint savings and the ability to instantly update is just the start.


Pocket Apps is striving to be carbon neutral by the end of the year, once we have assessed the carbon footprint. Online meetings and the saving gained from not travelling, right through to how much energy our servers use each year are areas we are concentrating on.


Our apps are useful to everyone from children to adults of all ages. Our simple interface and layout are instinctive to any user group with almost no mobile acumen required. Our standard datasets are universal, allowing for simple access to over 200,000 different location-based services from restaurants to beaches; doctors to schools, all consolidated in one place.