Pocket Native App Spec


This is how we will deliver your Native App


  • Order the App

  • We will then instruct a developer to view your website for colours and style and to utilise some images and logos, address and contact details.

  • We will add in all of the above into the app as well as any other app widgets we feel you could benefit from. 

  • We will send you a proof copy Progressive Web App (PWA) for you to evaluate and instruct us on anything you want changing.

  • Send you the username and password of the Pocket Apps Editorial Portal and at your convenience arrange a time to show you how everything works.


Once you have signed off the PWA app, we will upload the code to both Apple and Google Play for publication 

A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective C for iOS or Java for Android operating systems. Native mobile apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability. They also have access to mobiles various tools, such as its camera and address book. They are available through the Apple and Google Play (Android) App Stores

Apps Stores


Apple has made it a rule that all businesses must have their own Apple developer account. Pocket apps used to store Customer's Apps in our account for our clients. The only reason we can see for this new rule is to generate revenue. 

Setting up an Apple developer account is painful but we have to generate an account in order to publish your app.

Apple charge £80 per annum for a developer account which has to be paid if you want to keep your app published in the app store


It is not currently a requirement of Google Play (Android Platform) for each Customer to have a Google Developer Account so we publish the app on the Pocket Applications Limited account. If you would like your own account the cost is currently £25.

Template App Code

Pocket Native Apps are built on our unique Template App Code.


This code is extensive, stable and very easy to operate, utilising our information widget system for our Customers to design and build their apps at amazing prices. 


Customers are limited however to the scope our Template App Code offers. If customers require a more bespoke App we can create a specification and estimate.

What you get

Our Apps Content management is designed to be self-managing on a day to day basis. However, all Native app customers can always call for assistance in the active management and design of their App.


We will publish the App on both Apple App Store and Google play, and keep the app up to date on both platforms as new code is imposed on developers by Apple & Google.


This Pocket Native Apps is built using our Template App Code utilising our information widgets.


When you by a Pocket Native App we will do the following:

  • Branding - App Icon, look & feel

  • Location & Contact Details (Widget)

  • Connect your main website  

  • Push Notifications (Widget)

  • Share App Button 

  • Call Button

  • Directions Button

  • Gallery (Client to supply Images) (Widget)

  • Email Photo (Widget)

  • Provide access details to the Pocket Apps Editorial Section (Widget)

  • Plus any additional App widgets you would like set up in your new app.

  • A proof app provided for signing off the design (Web App)

  • Provide up to 1 hours training on how to edit your app using our editorial CMS


Any outside app services like Shopify integration are not included in the set-up cost charges


The Process