Progressive Web App Spec


Progressive Web Apps are in effect a website, which looks and performs like a native app. The app operates through the mobile devices internet browser and requires an internet connection to operate.


A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app. PWA's are built to take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring the end-user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally.

PWA's operate at a much slower speed than Native Apps as they rely on a data connection to operate. but the cost-saving makes it an obvious choice for the customer to start with.

What you get

Our Apps are designed to be self-managing to save you both time and money. When you buy a PWA from us we will do the following as part of the annual fee:

  • Branding - App Icon, look & feel

  • Location & Contact Details  

  • Connect your main website  

  • Push Notifications

  • Call Button

  • Directions Button

  • Gallery (Client to supply Images)

  • Email Photo

  • Provide up to 1-hour training on how to edit an app (one session)


Once we have signed over the app to you, you will be provided with our Pocket App Editorial CMS login details where you can edit the content of your app without incurring any additional costs.

We offer a complete setup service, which will provide a fully working app ready for sharing with your end-users. for £150 plus VAT


Additional Services include:

  • Track & Trace Forms (Custom Form WIdget)

  • Covid-19 Information (PDF usually)

  • Entering your events information (Up to 10 Events)

  • Set up one merchandise section inc. Stripe or Paypal

  • Add any additional PDFs you want including page-turning if required (Subject to buying an account)

  • Set up newsfeed (up to 5 news items)

  • Use some or all of the Pocket Apps local Information services

The Process

This is how we will deliver your Progressive Web App

  • Order the App

  • Send your app information form to populate with media assets like photos, web addresses, etc...

  • We will then instruct a developer to view your website for colour and style and utilise the form coupled with your website colours and information including some images and logos, address and contact details

  • We will add all of the above into the app as well as any other app widgets we feel you could benefit from

  • We will send a proof copy of the app for you to evaluate and instruct us on anything you want changing

  • Send you the username and password of the Pocket Apps Editorial Portal and, at your convenience, arrange a time to show you how everything works

  • Provide up to 1-hour training on how to edit an app (one session)

Template App Code

Pocket Progressive Web Apps are built on our unique Template App Code.


This code is extensive, stable and very easy to operate, utilising our information widget system for our Customers to design and build their apps at amazing prices. 


Customers are limited however to the scope our Template App Code offers. If customers require a more bespoke App we can create a specification and estimate.