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Oyster Cove App

Why have a Holiday Home App

Our code allows you to make and view multiple (virtually unlimited) holiday home apps through one app in Apple and Android App stores, to help holiday makers get the most from their adventure, and to save you and your staff time. 

For an example of how this works please scan the QR Code above with your mobile device camera or click the link if you are using a mobile. You will be taken to your App store and invited to download the "My Favourite Cottages" App (a client of ours whose customers are already using the App each and every day) .


When you open the App you will see their Oyster Cove Property App.​

As you will see, the App is full of valuable property details together with local information to help your holidaymakers.


This includes:

  • Directions to the front door of the property 

  • Accurate Location Map

  • House Rules, Appliance Manuals, and anything else you would like included

  • Additionally, we have data sets covering the whole of the UK showing the closest:

    • Supermarkets

    • Pubs

    • Restaurants

    • Beaches

    • Doctors

    • Things-To-Do

    • Cinemas & Theatres

    • Leisure Centres

App Production

We will organise the whole project including setting up an Apple Developer account. Apple rules insist that you buy directly from them but, fear not, we will guide you through the process.

At the beginning of the project, once you have signed and returned the agreement, we will ask you to fill out our property information form providing the essential details of each of your properties. We will also require a portrait image of each property that you wish to be included in each App.

We will publish the master app in the Apple or Google Play App Stores with general information about your agency or company.

Using the property information form we will create an individual App for all your properties and generate Links and QR Codes for each, so customers can easily download the correct app for the property they have rented.

Providing the App to your Customers

We will supply the following media assets for effective distribution of each property app:


  • QR Codes linking to each property's App. 

  • Poster to frame and display in each property showing a QR Code and weblink for easy downloading when the holiday makers arrive at the property

Example - Test the Product

99% of the time your customers will only download one property app.


To see the two different apps in this demo, there is one extra step to follow for us to show you multiple apps being shown through a single app from the App Store.

Please follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the top of this page and Scan the QR Code with your phone's camera or click the link if you are using a mobile device

  • Download and install My Favourite Cottages App

  • Click open when the app has been installed  

This is the extra step needed for this demo:


  • Fully close the app on your phone (do not delete it) 

Then​ Scan this QR code and open the app and you will now see:

  • The HIGHBULLEN COTTAGES App has replaced Oyster Cove Cottage

High Bullen