Hunting App Upgrade

Hunting Special App Upgrade

A number of Hunts have been seeing difficulties with the login area of the app mainly due to the rural settings they operate in. You have currently bought a Progressive Web App and we are now So we are offering to upgrade all current Hunting app, to ensure that your service is as good as it gets. This will mean that your app will be published on both the Apple & Android platforms.

We normally charge £1400 in the first year and £1200 in subsequent years (so long as there is no break in the service)


We would like to therefore offer you a reduced upgrade rate so that your app runs as perfectly as possible.

So for existing Hunting App clients only we will upgrade your app and publish it in the Apple and Android App Stores for an additional £400.00 per annum. This is a saving, over our general App costs of £650 in the 1st year and £450 each year offer that.

* Apple recently changed their rules, now all brands have their own developer account, which costs £80 per annum inc VAT. this is the only additional cost that has to be paid by the Customer.

All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Subject to our Terms & Conditions 2021 and our Pocket Native App Specs

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