Progressive Web Apps

Our Progressive Web apps start at £350 plus VAT dependant on how much work is done when setting up the app.

Our prices are as follows:

  • I-year agreement  - £350 paid in advance

  • 2-year agreement - £325 per annum, paid in advance

  • 3-year agreement - £300 per annum, paid in advance

12-month agreement payable by monthly instalment £35 a month or £420 per annum

Rolling monthly contract £50 per month or £600 per annum cancel on 30 days notice (min 2 months at the beginning of the agreement)

Set up Charge

Our apps are designed to be self-managing using our CMS Dashboard. 


However, we have found that some customers would like their apps set up for them to have a quick start. We therefore offer a One of set up service at £150 plus VAT.

Native Apps

We provide native apps on both the Apple and Android App Stores

Apple requires that all customers create and own their own Apple Developer account. Our annual prices do not include the cost of your Apple Developer account around £80 a year

12 month agreement payable in advance £2750 (£1375 per app store)

12 month agreement Payable by monthly installment £275 a month or £3300 per annum

All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%


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