Shared Apps

Shared Native App Service

We have developed a series of Native Apps published in the Apple & Google Play app stores. Customers choose the most suitable App container to use to publish their app.

The app containers we are producing are as follows:

  • ​Charities

  • Clubs

  • Events

  • Fast Food

  • Holiday Homes

  • Hotels

  • Hunting

  • Local Government

  • Pubs

  • Religions

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Shooting

  • Weddings

Please any other suggested App container that would fit you requirements better


  • You do not need to create and pay for an Apple or Google Play Developer account Saving approximately £100 a year

  • We can Publish your app within 24 hours

  • Typical Savings over-investing in your own Native app is approximately £1000 per annum 


  • The App icon on phones and tablets is generic and doesn't represent your brand.

  • Customers brand is not represented within the app stores.

How a Shared App Works

We provide you with a unique link for your app and a QR code (your link is embedded into it) 


You distribute the QR Code & link as you see fit.


  • displayed on your website

  • printed on business cards,

  • email footers,

  • Brochures, &

  • marketing campaigns.

The user scans the QR Code or clicks your unique link using their Mobile device. Depending on the device type (Apple or Android) they are taken to the Shared App page of the correct app store. 


The user downloads the app as usual and when opened your app will automatically be bookmarked and displayed. 

NB Apps are automatically bookmarked so the user can have access to multiple apps using the same App container 

App content


Our App code is designed to allow customers to create content-rich Apps for their own customers and users. 

The App code allows apps to be built using a series of content widgets. 

Widgets List:


  • Contact Information - Location Map, Address, Telephone Number, Email

  • Around us - enter any local information in seconds with 5 colour-coded sections and google maps will take you there.

  • Webview - enter multiple URLs linking to any online content you require

  • Directions - Very quick way of entering exact locations for people to get to (uses What 3 Words)

  • Location Map - Maps show you the choice of multiple locations using Apple and Google maps

  • Send a photo - users can send you the app owner images for publication in the app once approved by you. 

  • Gallery - create multiple image galleries for users to view

  • Information Pages - individual pages for you to display general information, photos and videos

  • Multiple information pages - any number of pages listed for you to display varying information, photos and videos

  • Join the Mailing list - collect user information and user permissions

  • Events Calendar - Includes Event name, address, start date & time, event email, website, description, video, images

  • PDF Display - Add any pdf you want to use to provide information to the user

  • Subscription - for selling subscriptions and taking payment (you need a stripe account to take a card payment)

  • Group Chat - for open discussions with your users 

  • Shopping Widget - Coming soon is a full online shop to sell goods and services (you need a stripe account to take a card payment)

  • Food ordering -  coming soon for restaurants and takeaways add your menu and prices and take payment. 

Data sets Widgets List:


Pocket apps have developed a series of UK data sets for you to include in your app.

  • Beaches - best for hotels, Airbnb properties, holiday homes, B & B's

  • Cinemas - best for hotels, Airbnb properties, holiday homes, B & B's

  • Doctors (England only) - best for Property Companies, Estate agents, hotels, Airbnb properties, holiday homes, B & B's

  • Pubs - best for most apps

  • Restaurants - best for most apps

  • Schools - best for Property Companies, Estate agents

  • Supermarkets - best for hotels, Airbnb properties, holiday homes, B & B's

  • Things to do - best for hotels, Airbnb properties, holiday homes, B & B's